Convert your existing fixtures and get the benefits of LED light instantly!

Whichever tube light fixture you have*, it can be converted. 

The removal and installation of new light fixtures can be costly, so why toss out perfectly good or classic fixtures if they can be converted? Your old fluorescent tube lights can be easily swapped out of your existing fixtures for ballast-free, LED tube lights to give you significant energy savings and improved lighting. Our fluoresent to LED conversion is an easy and cost effective solution to your LED lighting needs.

For information on First Energy's Lighting Incentive Program and achieving quality light levels, call Jim and he can run the numbers for you to maximize a surprisingly smart ROI.

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Just Released— LED Tubes or LED FIxture Article click here. For distributor or volume pricing call 440-946-5005.

* If your fixtures lookbetter than these, they may be a candidate for fixture conversion.

Here are some examples of fixtures that have been converted to run LED lights.

Info needed to create a quote can be gathered through a facility walk through:

1. Fixture Count: size, existing bulb type, qty, and bulb count per fixture. It's easy, see below.

A CRS Light rep will do this for you or you can call an inventory in.
1 . e.g.: size: 1'x4', T12, with 2 bulbs in each, fixture qty: 27
2 . e.g.: size: 2'x4', T8, with 3 bulbs in each, fixture qty: 42,
3 . e.g.: size: 8' open shop, T12, with 2 bulbs in each, fixture qty: 120
4. . e.g.: size: 2'x4', T5, with 6 bulbs in each, fixture qty: 33

2. Fixture Height(s)

Measure roughly from the floor to the bottom of the light fixture.
1 ......
2 ......
3 ......

4 ......

3. Fixture Type (s)

Common Choices Include:
1 ...... 2', 4' or 8' Fluorescent or other
2 ...... Style: with lens (plastic or glass cover) or without
3 ...... Drop ceiling, flush mount or suspended by chain


4. Light Level Description

1 ...... Low, Adequate, too bright
2. ..... Need More Light in Specific Areas
3 ...... Application: What are the tasks performed under the lights?


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Kiddie Company

"Jim is saving us more than $50,000 in electricity over the next 10 years. Jim's recommendations were spot on. One brand Jim offers has such excellent lumen output that we were able to bring our watt usage down from 80 watts to 15 watts per fixture." Scott Kellogg"

Gardner Competitive Engines

"I use precision machinery and gauges to work on racing engines—so a well lit machine shop is vital to me. My customers count on me to deliver perfection because their lives depend on it. Jim's knowledge of lighting dynamics was essential in meeting my lighting requirements." Jeff Gardner

Pet Hospital of Willoughby

"Jim did a great job converting my existing fixtures to run the much brighter LED lights"" Dr. Noles

About Us

Since 2000 the Kraft's have been in the communications and the lighting industry. In 2016 Jared Kraft joined operations to assist with installs. The Kraft's daughter Lynnea recently recieved her doctorate from Duke University and is currently employed by the Novant Medical Center in NC. The Kraft's have supported many areas of community outreach in the areas of marriage enrichment, new mother support, Jim has authored a book on design origins and has served the task light community since 2000.